FEATURED AUTHOR: Stephen Perkins - Writer of Thought-Provoking Novels

Meet American writer, Stephen Perkins, Science Fiction / Fantasy author.

In just his first year as an independently published author, Massachusetts native, Stephen Perkins' thrilling, entertaining, and thought-provoking novels Raging Falcon, American Siren, Escape to Death, Sorcerers' Dynasty and his new novel, Sky Parlor, have quickly gained a loyal and rabid audience. 

Tell us something about you, Stephen Perkins, the man.

From my earliest memories, I believe I was always meant to be a creative artist. After all, what could be better than being financially compensated for following your creative passions.

And who's  the writer? How was the novel Sky Parlor conceived?

Sky Parlor is an entertaining mélange of ancient gods, American history, and futuristic dystopian themes – will man and machine someday procreate? – and though wrapped in an entertaining and thrilling package featuring the age old trope of good versus evil, this familiar narrative is executed with a rather unexpected mythical and supernatural twist.

Why did you choose the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre?

Right from the beginning, my brand has been a mélange of various exciting genres, including science fiction. With Sky Parlor – which has now been officially listed as an Amazon Hot New Release! – my hope is that loyal and new readers alike will encounter insights into human nature, and perhaps begin to think more deeply about the relationship between man and machine, and how – speculatively - that relationship may progressively unfold in future.

Is there a book or author that inspired you to be a writer?

From my earliest memories, I was always drawn to books – both fiction and non-fiction – that speculated on subjects such as history, science and technological developments. My new novel Sky Parlor – which, overall, could be said of the author brand I’ve established thus far -  deals with those subjects within the thrilling context of speculative fiction.

What can readers expect when they read your books?

They can expect to be thrilled by the unexpected and, above all, wildly and thoroughly entertained.

Where can they buy a copy?

The kindle version of Sky Parlor is available now on Amazon, and print versions – for up to 20% off Amazon list price – are now available at Lulu.com.

Are you releasing a new book anytime soon?

At this moment, and for the next several months this summer, I’m looking forward to promoting Sky Parlor. But yes, and perhaps as early as this fall, a new novel will be ready for everyone to soon enjoy.

What do you love about being an author?

An author of creative fiction is much like a god controlling the ultimate fates of characters and entire worlds  Oh, and I love doing interviews like this – an opportunity to discuss that which one feels most passionate about.

What is your message to readers?

Dare to question and explore everything throughout life’s exciting journey – always!

Tell us where we can find you.

Everyone can find me on Twitter and also – after they’ve enjoyed reading Sky Parlor, of course - everyone should visit Newsspellcom.org, the only source for real alternative news! 

For everyone wishing to receive author and blog updates, once per month, they can write to me at coperncisu369@gmail.com