AUTHOR ON SPOTLIGHT: Kenneth Wick, Writer of Cli-Fi Novels

The Progeny Series

Kenneth Wick, Author of Progeny's Promise
Kenneth Wick at his Writing Desk
I was born in a small town in Eastern Montana in the year 1950. Makes me a bit of an older fellow, however my wife tells me I don't act a day over 14, and that's just fine with me.

After growing up on the family ranch, President Richard Nixon sent me a nice letter informing me the Army needed my services. I didn't have any services, but that didn't matter, they would train. They did and I became a medic. Which was good. I liked the job.

Upon my return home, with honorable discharge in hand, I attended Montana State University in Bozeman and studied art. That was too much fun, so I bought a bunch of cows and took up farming. Lost a ton of money. Stupid cows never do what you tell'em. Found work in the oil fields to pay for the farming and cows, and have been paying for them ever since. Stupid cows.

The years with the oil industry provided many travels abroad. I worked in countries with wonderful native folks who shared their incredible cultures with me. This Montana boy discovered the world is filled with beautiful folk. I spent a couple years in the Amazon jungle, a few years in the Alaska northland and a few stints in Siberia. The last few years were back and forth in the Middle East.

The idea for PROGENY'S PROMISE came to me while wandering around Saudi Arabia scribbling thoughts to paper. I'd always wanted to write and wish I had started the journey much earlier in life, but at 14, who thinks like that?


There is little a planet can do when its prime species is killing it.

Progeny's Promise is the story of Jessica, a young mother whose fierce devotion for her family must endure challenges she could never have imagined; the planet's dying biosphere and the stunning revelation of a conscious Universe.

An ancient Galaxy Lord from an advanced race known as Lumiens, learns of Earth's suffering and responds to save humankind. Unable to save all of humanity, the alien offers sanctuary for selected children off-world to ensure the future of the human race.

While an enraged world races toward civilization's end, a powerful religious cult, the Dominionists, rejects the Galaxy Lord's warnings and seeking to cleanse humankind, sets in motion its secret plan for world domination.

Caught up in this madness, Jessica fights to save her twin girls. As the Galaxy Lord observes humankind destroying itself, he discovers the young family's plight and senses a presence within the twins, a presence the universe has been searching for…

The Galaxy Lord reaches out…