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Managed by Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi, we can help boost your book/s presence on social media, where most readers are in this age.

It's easy to post something on social media, but difficult to convert those posts to actual sales.
You may have a lot of retweets and shares, but are they clicking on your links or making a purchase?
Or are you preaching to the choir?

CONSISTENCY and the right GRAPHIC DESIGN Sell Books in this digital age, where people have low attention spans and lots of things to look at.

Your book must ALWAYS be there, in front of possible readers.
To let people know your book exists, the RIGHT WAY!

Wrong advertising can ruin your book's chances and turn away possible readers.
If you can't TELL it, you can't SELL it.
And so many authors don't know how to market their books.
They're writers, not marketers.

We are graphic designers and we can create stunning animated book banners
that fits your genre to get attention.

We are copywriters.
We know what words to use to make people pause and click that link.

We will do our best to present your book in the best light.

"Eeva should be the first stop for any author needing promotion. Her book trailers and other promotional services are non pareil. I recommend her highly!"

~Jim Yackel

“There are not enough superlatives in Webster’s dictionary to describe the first-rate professional book promotional services of Eeva Lancaster and her friendly and efficient staff at the Book Khaleesi.”

~ Stephen Perkins

Let us promote your books.
It'll be fun.

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