FEATURED BOOK: Things I've Kept by Jacque Gilliam: A Memoir

Laugh and reminisce with author, Jacque Gilliam, in her newly released memoir, Things I've Kept.
What was it like to grow up in a small town in the middle of the last century?

"In this wonderful collection of short vignettes Jacque Gilliam has drawn deep indeed from rich coffers of wonderful memories."


 Wow! Allie McCormack is giving away WISHES in a BOTTLE for FREE!

An out of this world Paranormal Romance, it's a STANDALONE novel with a HAPPY EVER AFTER that will surely delight readers.

The mysterious stranger disappeared from her life as suddenly as he'd arrived... then emerges from an old bottle in the attic

FEATURED BOOK: THE ORBS of DAGOBERT by Jake Thomas - A Military Fantasy

 Our featured book is written by Jake Thomas, a 911 dispatcher for the Kodiak Police Department who writes short stories on the side. Jake served in the US Coast Guard for 5 years. Check out this Military Fantasy, THE ORBS OF DAGOBERT.

FEATURED AUTHOR: SANDIE WILL - Multi-Award-Winning Writer of Psychological Thrillers

 If you love Psychological Thrillers, then you need to know our featured author, SANDIE WILL. Sandie has published several multi-award-winning novels on Amazon.

Tell us something about Sandie Will, the writer. Why do you write psychological thrillers?

I wrote my first short story when I was in fifth grade. It was about the plight of a piece of paper that ended up lost in a garbage truck and narrowly returned home without being torn. I remember it well because my teacher made such a fuss about it and put it up on the bulletin board for others to read. 

FEATURED BOOK: A Trio of Worlds by James Norwood

Science Fiction Fans will enjoy reading our featured book, A Trio of Worlds by James Norwood.
Check it out.

"Great character development, mesmerizing pacing that keeps the reader invested, and a fantastic blend of imagery and mythos to really cement this fictional universe in place."

FEATURED BOOK: HOPE: A Wayfarers Story by Jim Yackel

Christian Thriller fans, the latest book of The Wayfarer Series by Jim Yackel is here!
Check out HOPE: A Wayfarer Story

Who or What is Z?

FEATURED BOOK: The Light Through The Pouring Rain (A True Story of a Young Couple's Struggle with Cancer)

Our FEATURED BOOK is an inspiring and heartbreaking story of a young couple in love, faced with one of the most frightening challenges of all... the impending death of a loved one.


A true story about a young couple's battle with cancer.

FEATURED AUTHOR: James Ruvalcaba

Our Featured Author today is a new writer in Indie Publishing.
Let's get to know James Ruvalcaba and his debut memoir, The Light Through The Pouring Rain.

FEATURED BOOK: The Second Chinese Revolution - A Suspense Thriller by Ted Halstead

 Our Featured Book is a New Release by suspense thriller author, Ted Halstead.

"Not many Authors are as good or better than Clancy. Ted Halstead does it."


Our FEATURED BOOK is a recommended read for children ages 3 to 7.
Written by Kristy Jo Volchko, a multi-published author of children's books.

"A must-read for every classroom!"

FEATURED AUTHOR: TORY RICHARDS - Writer of Steamy Romance Novels

We're starting 2021 with our featured author, Tory Richards.
Tory is a multi-published writer of erotic romance novels.