FEATURED AUTHOR: Kathleen Harryman

Today we're featuring a multi-genre writer, KATHLEEN HARRYMAN.
She writes historical fiction, and stories about psychopaths, and poetry.
Interesting, don't you think? Psychopaths and Poetry?

Let's get to know this wonderful writer in an interview.


Get to know our featured author, WILLIAM LOBB.
Bill or Billy as he likes to be called, writes suspense thrillers with an underlying theme of redemption or rather, the search for redemption.

William Lobb, Author

FEATURED BOOK: Blue Ring Assassins by Stephen Cohen

Our featured book is a new release by author Stephen Cohen.
Blue Ring Assassins is a historical fiction / thriller with twists that will keep you turning the pages.

FEATURED AUTHOR: H.C. Townes, Writer of Supernatural Thrillers

Our featured author H.C. Townes has written a tale about Japanese Vampires in his book, Penance.
We get to know more about the author in this interview.

FEATURED BOOK: The End of America’s War in Afghanistan by TED HALSTEAD

Our featured book is the third STANDALONE novel in the RUSSIAN AGENTS Series by TED HALSTEAD. If you love Military Thrillers, check out THE END OF AMERICA'S WAR IN AFGHANISTAN.


If you love "edgy" Christian Fiction, and a story that resonates with the times, 
check out Jim Yackel's latest release and the final installment of the WAYFARERS SERIES.

They’re at odds with the new system – or is the system at odds with them? They’re on the run from the new device and they can’t let it gain ground.

Blood, lightning, Artificial Intelligence, and reconstruction --- these are the elements of the New World Order and the colors representing the man who’ll be at the head of it. 

FEATURED AUTHOR: ELLEN C. MAZE - Horror Writer, Illustrator, The Author's Mentor

Today's featured author is a woman who wears many hats. Writer, Illustrator, The Author's Mentor. Come and get to know Ellen C. Maze (also published as Ellen Sallas) and her Rabbit Saga.

FEATURED BOOK: Traces of Home (Open Wide My Heart) by S.S. Bazinet

Our featured book is multi-published author S.S. Bazinet's latest release, 
TRACES OF HOME (Open Wide My Heart)

FEATURED BOOK: Son of the Serpent by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Our featured book is a Dark Fantasy novel about angels and demons, but with a different angle.
In SON OF THE SERPENT, the son of Satan does not know who he is.

When he finds out... will he choose Good or Evil?

FEATURED AUTHOR: Kenneth Wick - Science Fiction / Climate Fiction Award Winning Writer

Our featured author won the 2018 Breakthrough Fiction Award in Science Fiction for his sci-fi / cli-fi thriller, Progeny's Promise. We're proud to introduce author Kenneth Wick.

FEATURED AUTHOR: DAVID BLAIR and Dragons in the Clouds

Do you believe in dragons?
Get to know our featured author, DAVID BLAIR and his novel, Dragons in the Clouds.