FEATURED AUTHOR: DOMINIC PIPER - Writer of Gritty, Sexy, Detective Thrillers

Our featured author this week is as witty and lovable as the lead character of his detective thrillers, PI Daniel Beckett. Come and get to know DOMINIC PIPER.

FEATURED AUTHOR: JIM YACKEL, Writer of Christian Suspense Novels

Our featured author this month writes edgy Christian Fiction / Suspense Novels.


Our featured author today has just published her latest novel UNRAVELED, Book 2 of the Carson Chance P.I series. Get to know N.E. Brown.

FEATURED BOOK: Bishop's Law by Rafael Amadeus Hines

 If you've read BISHOP'S WAR, then you'll be excited to know that the much awaited sequel, BISHOP'S LAW, is now available on Amazon! Free to read with Kindle Unlimited!

FEATURED BOOK: The Other Side of the Looking Glass by Kathleen Harryman

This week's featured book is a Romantic Suspense novel
by Kathleen Harryman.

FEATURED AUTHOR - Tony Riches: Writer of Historical Fiction

If you're interested in the lives of British monarchy, check out our featured author, Tony Riches.
Tony writes bestselling novels about the Tudors and other notable, notorious, and legendary royal figures during the middle ages.

FEATURED BOOK: The End of Russia’s War in Ukraine by Ted Halstead

This week's featured book is a military, espionage thriller and the 4th book in Ted Halstead's Russian Agents series. Check out The End of Russia's War in Ukraine.

FEATURED BOOK: The Promise - A World War 2 Historical Romance

Our featured book this week is a highly rated World War II Historical Romance novel 
by Kathleen Harryman.

FEATURED AUTHOR: Kathleen Harryman

Today we're featuring a multi-genre writer, KATHLEEN HARRYMAN.
She writes historical fiction, and stories about psychopaths, and poetry.
Interesting, don't you think? Psychopaths and Poetry?

Let's get to know this wonderful writer in an interview.


Get to know our featured author, WILLIAM LOBB.
Bill or Billy as he likes to be called, writes suspense thrillers with an underlying theme of redemption or rather, the search for redemption.

William Lobb, Author

FEATURED BOOK: Blue Ring Assassins by Stephen Cohen

Our featured book is a new release by author Stephen Cohen.
Blue Ring Assassins is a historical fiction / thriller with twists that will keep you turning the pages.