FEATURED AUTHOR: Between Time Travel & Romance - Get to Know Denise Liebig

Today's FEATURED AUTHOR is Time Travel Romance Author, Denise Liebig. 
She has 3 books published on Amazon, Dear Maude, For the Love of Maude, and Forever Maude.

1) Tell us something about the woman, Denise Liebig. Who are you?

Well, first off, I'm a wife and mom.  My husband and I have been married for twenty-one years, and we have three children--two in college and one in high school.  I am originally from Oregon but have lived in and traveled throughout many states, as well as other countries, and I now call Nevada home. 

2) And who's  the writer? How was Dear Maude conceived?

I've always had a big imagination, and writing is my outlet for that.  Also, growing up, my parents and grandpa told me stories from their youths that always fascinated me.  My grandpa was born in the late 1800s, my dad was young in the 1920s, and my mom was born during The Depression.  They saw so much change, and their stories have had a big influence on my writing.

Dear Maude began as a totally different story than what it became.  I sat down one day to write something, anything.  I'd remembered a writing prompt an English teacher from high school once assigned us-- to write about a haunted house.  Although the haunted house story was later deleted, it helped to get the ideas flowing, and I've been writing ever since.

Denise's Writing Desk

3) Why did you choose the Time Travel Romance genre?

Actually, I'd say the Time Travel Romance genre chose me.  As I was writing Dear Maude, I had no idea where it was going.  I didn't outline and just let the story and characters go where they needed to go.  When I was working on the first few chapters, I happened to watch a silent movie festival on television and learned how different it was for movie goers in the early 1900s.  For example, since there was no air conditioning in the summer, they had to prop the theater doors open to allow airflow, so the traffic noise was often an issue.  That really sparked my imagination.  I'm a bit of a research nerd and I like vintage things, so I began to study the early 1900s, looking for more things we now take for granted.  Later, I incorporated that research into Dear Maude and coupled it with my love of old sci/fi and mystery movies.  The Time Travel Romance genre emerged from there.

4) Is there a book or author that inspired you to be a writer?

I have to say that I loved Beatrix Potter when I was younger, and I used to write little stories and add illustrations.  As I got older, I gravitated toward Agatha Christie and later Mary Stewart.  I love a good mystery.

5) What can readers expect when they read the Dear Maude Trilogy?

Readers can expect the unexpected.  Dear Maude is just the beginning of the protagonist, Emily's, journey into the unknown, and the reader is right along for the ride.  The story continues in For the Love of Maude and Forever Maude, where Emily finds herself in several different eras in which everything she thinks she knows is turned upside down.  It's truly an adventure through time.

6) Where can they buy a copy?

Dear Maude is available for FREE in e-book format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes and other online retailers.  You can also get the paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

7) Are you releasing a new book anytime soon?

I just released a novelette, Remembering Skye, on my website that readers can receive for free if they subscribe to my email list.  Also, I'm writing a novel about one of the minor characters in Dear Maude that I wanted to explore in more detail.  That should be available early next year and will be included in the boxed set version.

8) What do you love about being an author?

Honestly, I love writing and using my imagination, and it's great when readers enjoy what I've written and want more.  It's a very rewarding part of the process.

9) What is your message to readers?

I enjoy writing stories that push the limits of the imagination through time travel, the paranormal, reincarnation, and similar themes.  These are cross-genre tales that incorporate romance, romantic suspense, historical fiction, and sci-fi/fantasy, but all have one thing in common--read them and you will experience romance with no boundaries, even time.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

10) Tell us where we can find you.

My website www.deniseliebig.com includes information on my books, promotions, and articles about my research. You can find me there, as well as my Amazon author page and at BookBub.