FEATURED BOOK: The Lazarus Succession by Ken Fry - Amazon UK #1 Religious Mystery


An Official Selection in Historical Fiction, New Apple Summer eBook Awards 2017.

2017 IAN Book of The Year Awards Winner - Christian / Religious Fiction.

The Lazarus Succession is an example of successful self-publishing. Initially published by Matador in 2015, the book languished beneath the huge pile of books on Amazon until the author, Ken Fry, decided to self publish last December 2016.

Edited, formatted and with a new book cover, The Lazarus Succession ranked Top 10 in Religious Mystery as soon as it was released, and it has stayed there ever since. Now, its a #1 Bestseller in several categories in its genre for the last 4 months.

The Lazarus Succession, Bestselling Religious Mystery by Ken Fry

This historical thriller has been compared to the books of Dan Brown, and the movies of Indiana Jones.

What Readers are Saying

"Although similar in many ways to the books by Dan Brown, I enjoyed it more. It was both sophisticated yet down to earth, despite Brodie’s visions. At no point does the author over dramatize the story, but with his excellent grasp of the written word he leads us to accept the surreal as perfectly normal and possible. The writing is excellent, the book is a treasure in itself and I would love to award this six stars." 

--Lucinda E Clarke for READERS' FAVORITE

Excellent Read!

"I really enjoyed this book! The search is on to find a lost painting that may heal a dying woman. The characters in this book are great as is the locations. I liked the storyline a lot. It had plenty of action and is well written. The author does a good job at drawing you into the story. The villain is well played out and is one of my favorite characters. If you're a fan of Dan Brown or James Rollins then you'll love this book. I will definitely be grabbing other works from this author." 

- Ed Kelly

A Story to Die For

"Comparisons with mega-sellers aside, this is a superb piece of work. Our two protagonists, Brodie Ladro and Ulla Stewart are ne'er-do-wells, using their talents and knowledge to steal a living. I prefer an anti-hero to a clean-cut saint, so this was no problem for me. And for those with more exacting standards, the mission undertaken by the partners-in-crime eventually becomes a charitable one. The villain of the piece, the delightfully Machiavellian Throgmorten, is a classic bad guy, and by the end of the book, I was desperate for him to come unstuck.
 The addition of a little historical flavour, in the shape of frequent glances into a beautifully depicted medieval Spain, gives the novel context, and a timeless magic I found addictive. 
This is polished fiction of the highest calibre, and I'm more than happy to award 5 stars." 

- Stuart Kenyon

Art, Religion and Thrills!

"The Lazarus Succession was everything I wanted in a religious-themed thriller. Great characters, plenty of action, mystical happenings, and great pace made it a most enjoyable read! Well done Ken Fry!!"

- W. Stuart

"I was intrigued by the content and the high marks for this author so gave it a shot - and was not disappointed. He leaped between time periods weaving a very well researched and developed tale of intrigue and mystery. A cast of supremely well-written characters and a story line that kept you guess and moving through this literary work wondering what would happen on the next page. Great job - and for the thriller, mystery or intrigue reader this is a must read (even if that isn't your normal genre like me - give this book a shot)!"

-Angelica Kate

Brilliant, Must Read Book

"A thriller with devious crooks, imperfect heroes and just to make it even more can't put it down, Spanish catholic mysticism. The book switches from the early renaissance where we see an artist having a mystic episode to present day, to a devout, dying Spanish women searching for a painting she is convinced will cure her. It's fast-paced and full of twists. Must read for all kinds of reasons."

- Angela Mortimer



The Lazarus Succession takes readers to the ancient scene of Christ's greatest miracle, to medieval Spain, and back to modern-day Europe. In typical Ken Fry style, nothing is as it seems and a surprise awaits at every turn of the page.

According to legend, Annas Zevi, an artist who witnessed the raising of Lazarus, was told by Christ to paint what he saw. Over the centuries, his completed works has vanished, along with every other painting depicting Lazarus' resurrection. They were rumoured to be sacred icons with miraculous powers.

International Art Recovery Experts, Broderick Ladro and Ulla Stuart, are hired by a disgraced High Court judge, Sir Maxwell Throgmorton, to locate a long lost medieval painting by Spanish artist Francisco Cortez. Like Zevi, his work is said to be divinely inspired.

Throgmorton's client, a wealthy Spanish Condesa, is terminally ill and the icon is her last hope. She will pay and do whatever it takes to find the missing work of Cortez. 

Unbeknown to the Condesa, Throgmorton seeks to make a vast personal fortune from the discovery of the paintings, and use it to reclaim his place in society. 

Ladro and Stuart learns of Throgmorton's deceit and attempts to thwart his plans. As they delve deeper into the mystery of the missing Cortez painting, they discover a secret that changes their lives forever.

Just as it changed the lives of everyone it touched across the centuries.

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