FEATURED BOOK: THE ORBS of DAGOBERT by Jake Thomas - A Military Fantasy

 Our featured book is written by Jake Thomas, a 911 dispatcher for the Kodiak Police Department who writes short stories on the side. Jake served in the US Coast Guard for 5 years. Check out this Military Fantasy, THE ORBS OF DAGOBERT.

Doyle Dagobert a seaman in the Coast Guard assigned aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley discovers three mysterious orbs during a routine patrol near Nome, AK. Throughout the next two patrols, Doyle discovers these orbs have unique properties that both complicate and make his life easier. During this time, Doyle must learn to adapt to living with these orbs and face the daily struggles that come with being in the Coast Guard and living in Alaska.

After the orbs put Doyle through some strange occurrences he finds himself in the middle of an investigation by the Coast Guard Investigative Service.

"A well told short with a fun, unique storyline." ~ Amazon Review

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