FEATURED BOOK: HOPE: A Wayfarers Story by Jim Yackel

Christian Thriller fans, the latest book of The Wayfarer Series by Jim Yackel is here!
Check out HOPE: A Wayfarer Story

Who or What is Z?

Ex-hacker Matt Stonish leaves his home in a customized bomb shelter. He plans to use an underground tunnel and then the old Erie Canal Towpath to evade the watchful eyes of the ALL World Order and relocate to a rustic cabin. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

Matt learns that he must infiltrate a top-secret science and research facility along the way to the cabin, to rescue a talented, artistic woman being held captive there. Like everyone alive in the world, he is biometrically surveilled by the ultimate eyes known as Z. The unique sound and electrical signature of each heart is one of the means through which humans are tracked and surveilled. The problem for Matt is that the mysterious Z hears millions of beating hearts but has developed an unsatiable attraction to his.

Z wants to know Matt and a handful of other humans intimately. It wants to experience all emotions and the five senses and is hellbent to achieve this through any means necessary. Will it lose interest in Matt and instead become obsessed with someone dear to him? Will Z destroy that relationship while also taking down what remains of America? Will Matt ever make it to the cabin?

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