Our FEATURED BOOK is a recommended read for children ages 3 to 7.
Written by Kristy Jo Volchko, a multi-published author of children's books.

"A must-read for every classroom!"

Frogs Can Fly is a heartwarming tale of self-love, acceptance, and friendship. 
A wonderful tool for teaching children about positive self-esteem, diversity, and celebrating uniqueness!

Spring is here again at Cackleberry Creek and young Lulu is full of questions about everything! "When will I grow bigger? Why do cows eat grass? Why is the sky blue?" One thing Lulu knows for sure is, she isn't feeling very pretty or special today. She wishes she were a bird, a squirrel, a cat...anything but a green ole frog! With a little help from Mama and her pals, can she learn to love herself for being her? Through it all, Lulu learns that being special doesn't mean being like someone else. In addition, maybe...just maybe, frogs can fly too!


"This is an exceptionally written book for children. It portrays the insecurities that many children often have through Lulu’s self-doubt early on in the story. However, it encourages the reader to be proud of the distinctive qualities that make him/her extraordinary. It teaches the reader to embrace his/her own strengths. Yet, the story promotes the reader to have an overall appreciation for all the unique traits that others possess as well.

From a teacher’s perspective, the book would be great to use in an elementary classroom to boost self-esteem and introduce diversity. The book also has the perfect combination of practical, every day vocabulary paired with more challenging words that can be taught through context clues. When this book was read aloud to my own children, they greatly enjoyed it. It kept their interest to the end! They were actively engaged throughout the story by asking questions, making specific comments, laughing, and enjoying the colorful illustrations. It is a terrific read that my children and students request repeatedly!" *Tara Zimmerman

"The young animals and creatures of Cackleberry Creek are enjoying a beautiful spring day when a thunderstorm creates a serious situation for Manny the mosquito. Little Lulu the frog is his only hope. Award winning authoress, Kristy Jo Volchko’s Cackleberry Creek Series is four books that entertain young children while giving them inspiration to love themselves (regardless their individual abilities or lack thereof) and to be compassionate toward others..." *LAS Book Reviews

"Lulu is so curious about everything around her. But for a time she begins to see that the inner talents of her friends and others outshine her own. Wait until you see what she can do and how it changes how she sees herself. She realizes that she can "shine" just like everyone else...and even imagine the impossible. A wonderful, colorful, and important story for our kids today." *JGusky

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