Our featured book is a must-read science fiction novel for readers who love artificial intelligence, machine learning and other dimensions.

Tess has designed the mind of the first sentient machine...
And it's waking.
But there's a problem.
It's networking...with another dimension.

When a well-known visionary develops technology that could result in the first sentient machine, a sequence of events unfolds that will result in mankind’s inevitable intersection with the most important moment in history --- technological singularity.

After computer scientist Tess Carrillo experiences a traumatic personal loss, as if guided by fate, she is recruited to assemble a team of eccentric experts in a secret complex deep within the San Juan mountains of Colorado. As they work to develop the code for the most powerful computer ever created, Tess finds herself pulled into a high-stakes world where two powerful technology titans battle over the future of reality itself. As the first sentient computer comes to life, Tess realizes they’ve unleashed something that could threaten the existence of mankind.

As the machine evolves, dimensional lines begin to fray and blend, causing Tess to question what is real. Equipped with clues scattered throughout her psyche, time, and space, she struggles to solve the ultimate mystery before time, literally, ends.

As pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place, Tess is forced to look within…and face a terrifying truth.


"The themes – parallel universes, sentient computers, artificial intelligence, romance – have been explored by others, but few authors are as facile at making these planes of thought fresh and intriguing as well as Vern."

"You’d think a story like this would be a muddled mess, impossible to follow or invest in. But it’s not. With all of the moving parts, seemingly in different directions, the action is choreographed into a single overall plot."

"Vern Buzarde is an author that weaves deep layers of deceit, espionage, and secrets within his novel, adding an atmosphere of suspense and thrills."

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