FEATURED BOOK: Bishop's Law by Rafael Amadeus Hines

 If you've read BISHOP'S WAR, then you'll be excited to know that the much awaited sequel, BISHOP'S LAW, is now available on Amazon! Free to read with Kindle Unlimited!

In his debut novel, Bishop’s War, author Rafael Amadeus Hines delivered a knock-out punch! The international bestselling action-thriller introduced us to former US Special Forces Sgt. John Bishop, his Spec Ops team, and John’s crime boss uncle, Gonzalo Valdez, as they united to take on terrorists, contract killers, a psychotic billionaire, and Afghan warlords. In the eagerly anticipated sequel, Bishop’s Law, the nonstop action continues with Bishop and his team battling against ISIS terror cells, a family of Pakistani assassins, and the Russian mob. Hang on for an action-packed and suspense-filled thrill ride! Once again—not for the faint-hearted.


"Was eagerly anticipating the return of John Bishop in this series and I was not disappointed. Bishop’s Law was even better than the debut book, Bishop’s War."


"Bishop's Law continues to give us more excitement, suspense and action as John Bishop and crew take on all comers in a thrilling follow up to Bishop's War. Hines has once again kept us turning page after action packed page as Bishop's elite fighters along with the Valdez family take on dangerous situations and characters with their unique combination of military skills and street smarts. We are taken to the battlegrounds of the Mid- East, to private meets in DC to the streets of New York, as Bishop battles terrorism, gang war and vendettas."


"As a US Army Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, it shows that Mr. Hines went the extra mile to nail the Army/military culture.  Therefore, non-military readers you will get a taste of Army life and for my fellow military comrades they will certainly relate.  This book is certainly a must-read. "



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