FEATURED AUTHOR - Tony Riches: Writer of Historical Fiction

If you're interested in the lives of British monarchy, check out our featured author, Tony Riches.
Tony writes bestselling novels about the Tudors and other notable, notorious, and legendary royal figures during the middle ages.

Tell us about Tony Riches, the writer. How did you get into writing?

I used to write regularly for a range of magazines, and wrote my first historical fiction novel
ten years ago. Since then, I’ve written at least one book a year, and have been able to make a
living as a full-time author.

Your Tudor Trilogy is an international bestseller. Why did you choose this period and
what fascinates you about the Tudors?

I was born within sight of Pembroke Castle, birthplace of Henry Tudor, who later became
King Henry VII and began the Tudor Dynasty, so I’ve always had an interest in his story. I
found several biographies, but no novels which brought the truth of his story to life. The idea
for the Tudor Trilogy occurred to me when I realised Henry Tudor could be born in book one,
‘come of age’ in book two, and rule England as king in book three, so there would be plenty
of scope to explore his life and times.

Tell us about Tony Riches, the man. What drives and inspires you?

I’m inspired by other authors, and by the true stories of our ancestors. It’s great to have
feedback from readers that they’ve enjoyed learning about history from my books.

Do you have another book in the pipeline?

I’m now working on my new Elizabethan series, which will continue and complete the story
of the Tudor dynasty. One book is with my editor, I’m writing the second, and researching
the third. I’m enjoying showing different facets of Queen Elizabeth through the eyes (and
ambitions) of her courtiers.

What's the secret to your bestsellers, aside from exceptional writing? Do you have a
formula that you can share with other writers?

I like my books to be as historically accurate as possible, so I visit all the actual locations, and
track down primary sources, such as original letters. The idea to write trilogies has proven a
winning formula, as although they can be read in any order, readers tell me they like to
follow the story across the generations.

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