FEATURED AUTHOR: ELLEN C. MAZE - Horror Writer, Illustrator, The Author's Mentor

Today's featured author is a woman who wears many hats. Writer, Illustrator, The Author's Mentor. Come and get to know Ellen C. Maze (also published as Ellen Sallas) and her Rabbit Saga.

1) Tell us something about the woman, Ellen. Who are you?

I have always been creative, drawing horses and writing stories as far back as kindergarten. As I matured, I found reading to be my number one pastime. To this day, my hobbies remain drawing, reading and writing, and when I'm not doing any of those, I'm enjoying my empty nest with my husband and spoiled pets. 

2) And who's the writer, Ellen C. Maze? How was Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider conceived?

I wrote my first novel (The Judging: The Corescu Chronicles Book One) and began seeking a publisher. As that process was underway, I needed something to do while I waited, so I wrote Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider. The Rabbit concept was ingenious. The Judging was about a priest who is turned into a vampire by a demon while unconscious. When he awakens bloodthirsty, he attributes it to God's will and murders in God's name nightly for 400 years, where the novel takes place, and the protagonist attempts to correct his error. NOW, we come to Rabbit... I thought, "what if there were REAL vampires, spawned from a realistic demonic power, and when a few of them read The Judging, they started to fear God and want to know Him?" This spawned The Rabbit Trilogy and then as I entered books 4-6 and some spin-offs, it is The Rabbit Saga. 

3) What type of books do you write, primarily?

My passion is vampire novels, so I write primarily some twist on that theme. I also like to create new ways of expressing what a vampire is and how they were created. I use Bible verses and mythology to make something unique. That is one of my most common comments from readers is how different my book are. I think because I use some sort of biblical demonic and angelic power which resonates with folks because it "could really happen."

4) Is there a book or author that inspired you to be a writer?

I grew up loving Stephen King and Anne Rice, always wanting to be like them one day. As an adult, I think the book that pushed me over the edge, convincing me that it is time to write what I love was, This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. Wow, that novel really shook me up. I began writing for publication after I read that book.

5) What can readers expect when they read Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider?

The book starts out at a "gory level" of 8, and then I introduce the protagonist who is confronted by the antagonist. In this way, the reader will see right off the bat what the Rakum are (the vampiric race), and immediately after, be introduced to the conflict. It will grab them in quick; my goal is that every scene propels the plot, so you will see no info dumps or exposition. My writing style is fast-paced, evenly split between character- and plot-driven, and tells a horrifying story underpinned by spiritual powers we all--in some measure-- believe in. Are they Rated-R? Books 1 & 2 remain in the 13+/PG-13 range in the order of violence, language, and sexual situations. The balance of the series (3, 4, 5 & 6) grow increasingly "adult" as the theme involves the vampire's perspective. 

6) Where can they buy a copy?

Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider (RCBR) is available in Kindle and softcover on Amazon.com and almost every other online bookstore has it available (even Walmart.com). I maintain a website at ellencmaze.com for visitors and always welcome contact via my email, ellenmaze@aol.com.

7) Are you releasing a new book anytime soon?

I am excited to announce the release of Book 5 in the Rabbit Saga, Conundrum: The Lost Rabbit. This book is my passion and my thrill. I am 100% certain that fans of vampire fare will be entranced. It will launch November 1, 2019 and I invite everyone to sign up for email alerts at my website or send me an email to be put on the list!

8) What do you love about being an author?

I love sharing these stories born in my spirit. They are inside of me and dying to come out. I love putting them to paper, editing and proofing and tightening them up for readers, and I love hearing all the reactions. Please check the reviews on my novels (RCBR has 110 so far!) -these readers are my fuel and I thank them so much for taking the time to let me know how my books thrilled them!

9) What is your message to readers?

I want to entertain you. I want to transport you into a different dimension where you can be introduced to my characters and then latch onto the one you want to become. In my novels, I introduce them in 3rd person, so you can be any of them! You can be the hero or the villain, or often, the anti-hero, which I always have at least one. I want to make you laugh, creep, and even cry a little. I want you to feel everything I felt when I wrote the book. This is my hope!

Thanks for the interview, Ellen!

Connect with Ellen C. Maze

Email: ellenmaze@aol.com

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