FEATURED BOOK: The Wrong Kind of Love by Martha Perez

Our featured book is the latest release of author Martha Perez, who has several published books on Amazon. Meet The Wrong Kind of Love.

Can you really find true love online?

Explore the Internet love of Dexter and Balani. 

There’s nothing like making love on the beach on a warm summer’s day–wind blowing, soft music playing, serenading your mind. The only thing that surpasses it is the intimacy of meeting someone on-line without seeing their face or hearing their voice and thinking about them all the time. 

The internet has taken on-line romance to a whole new level of intimacy. But it’s not always a rosy affair; it has its fair share of risks. Dexter and Balani had to go through the wrong kind of love before finding each other … internet chat rooms are full of lonely, unhappy, lying, cheating, and deceiving people. 

Some people get lucky and find their soul mate, but it's like playing a game of cards. This novel has it all: drama, intrigue, sex, romance–how two people found true love in the on-line world of ‘hello’ and ‘goodbyes.’ 

If you think it’s impossible to find your Prince Charming on-line then you should read this book.

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