FEATURED BOOK: Blood Moon Fever by Connal Bain

Horror Crime Fiction combining the hard-boiled realism of  Jim Thompson and the gritty novels of Clive Barker and Jack Ketchum. Check out our featured book, Blood Moon Fever. 

Crime … Corruption … Werewolves... 
Just another day in LA.

A New Brand of Horror Noir.

Where did you get the idea for Blood Moon Fever?

Connal Bain: The idea for Blood Moon Fever came from my interest in paranormal detective stories, stories that combined conventional detective fiction with iconic figures from horror films. Two big influences were William Hjortsberg's great novel Falling Angel (filmed as Angel Heart) and some of the classic hard-core crime novels from Jim Thompson.

What is Horror Noir and what makes Blood Moon Fever 'A New Brand'?

Connal Bain: "Horror Noir," it's what I like to call a genre that blends elements of hard-boiled crime fiction and film noir with traditional horror elements ... such as the werewolf story. Blood Moon Fever starts out as a conventional, hard-hitting prison break story, then takes a turn into the paranormal as a chance encounter with a werewolf during the main character's escape from prison plunges the narrative fully into the realm of horror. The seedy characters and fast-talking banter root it in the noir genre, but the horror elements add an element of classic Evil to the evils of ruthless men and women.

What can readers expect when they read your novel?

Connal Bain: I hope they can expect the unexpected! None of the twists are clearly telegraphed, yet they don't just appear out of the blue, either. The pace is fast, the action hard-hitting, and the characters compelling and fully fleshed-out.

David Goodwin isn’t having a good month. Sent on a manhunt after escaped felon ‘Hard Time Jake’ Griffon, he finds he has bitten off more than he can chew as he moves from the wooded Northern California wilderness to the mean streets of LA in pursuit of a man who has become something beyond human.

During Griffon’s bloody prison break, something happened in the woods of the Modoc Forest. Something inhuman. Something evil. Something terrifying.

Now, as the full moon prepares to rise over the City of Angels, Goodwin must piece together elements of a puzzle involving a fugitive on the run, a crooked lawyer, a violent drug cartel, and a string of bloody corpses left in the wake of an ancient terror now awake and hungry for fresh carnage.

Combining the hard-boiled realism of Jim Thompson with the gritty horror of Jack Ketchum and Clive Barker, Bain introduces a new brand of horror noir.

Savagely dark and wildly inventive, Blood Moon Fever introduces a powerful new voice to horror and crime fiction.

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