FEATURED AUTHOR: Diane Shute - Mystery Romance Writer

Get to know our featured author, Diane Shute, a multi-published Mystery Romance writer.

Tell us something about the woman, Diane Shute. Who are you?

I’m a mother and a grandmother, blessed with beautiful twin daughters and two amazing grandsons. I’ve always been something of a home-and-hearth girl, and my family comes first. I’m the boring sort of introvert who is crazy about animals and keeps to only an intimate group of friends. When not writing or in the kitchen (love to cook, hate the work!) I’m usually roaming around with my dogs.

And who's the writer? How was After Midnight and Midnight Crossing conceived?

I have a weakness for dark chocolate and a fondness for meditation. Our past is precious and our history precarious. I have deep appreciation for detail and an undeniable curiosity for the world. I love an untold story.

The concept for After Midnight and Midnight Crossing came to me in a dream some years ago. Or at least, the backstory about Alix as a child with her father, Henri, before he died. Alix’s uncle, Quenton, had no other role in my dream but save his niece from death. Their bravery was too compelling. I had to pursue the story of what would happen to little Alix!

Why did you choose the Mystery Romance genre?

I can’t resist a mystery, and couple it with a love story…well, reading a good Mystery Romance novel can’t be anything but fun!

Diane Shute's Writing Desk

Is there a book or author that inspired you to be a writer?

It would be John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony. I’ve always loved horses, so reading the story was easy…but, it was the shape of the hills in the illustrated edition that were the same hills I saw looking through my bedroom window that captivated me. I realized John Steinbeck was more than just a name on a book cover. I was hooked on writing from that day forward, fired by a passion to create something just as wonderful.

What can readers expect when they read Midnight Crossing? Can it be read as a standalone or do they need to read After Midnight?

Since Midnight Crossing is a continuation of the story beginning in After Midnight, I would definitely recommend reading After Midnight first. Much of the plot alludes to the backstory of Alix’s past.

Where can they buy a copy?

Midnight Crossing is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and of course, direct from the publisher, She Writes Press.

Are you releasing a new book anytime soon?

My latest work, Book 3 is still under wraps…even the title! It will be the conclusion of the Midnight Trilogy.

What do you love about being an author?

 I love having the ability to share my characters and their adventures. It’s fantastic when readers tell me how involved they become and how they feel transported to the past.

What's your message to your readers?

Expect the unexpected—sometimes my characters take over and write their own story! Also, I hope you enjoy my work enough to leave a review…I love connecting with my readers!

Thanks for this interview, Diane!


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