FEATURED AUTHOR: S.S. BAZINET and The Vampire Reclamation Project

Our featured author is a multi-published writer of different genres.
Get to know S.S. Bazinet and her books.

S.S. Bazinet

Tell us something about the woman, S.S. BAZINET. Who are you?

I live in New Mexico, but I was born and raised in the Midwest. As a child, I loved stories that expanded my world. I was a little girl who walked to the library as soon as she was old enough to go there on her own. I love music, long walks in the desert, and most of all, writing. My most awesome blessing in life has been my four amazing children who are now my best friends.

And who's the writer? How was The Vampire Reclamation Project conceived?

As a writer, I wanted to explore life and go beyond the limits I learned growing up. However, I had writer’s block for a long time because I took everything so seriously. It was only when I decided to have fun with writing that it began to flow.

The Vampire Reclamation Project series is a result of that flow. It’s also a work of inspiration! On a warm summer day some years ago, I sat down outside in the back yard with pad and pen. I hadn’t planned on writing about vampires and angels. My mind was open to whatever wanted to come forth. I wasn’t disappointed. Once the story began, I couldn’t write fast enough. A little more than a year later, I’d written over a half million words and finished drafts of the first six books.

You write in different genres. Which genre do you enjoy the most?

I get totally immersed in whatever I’m writing. So it’s difficult to say that I enjoy one genre more than another.  However, fantasy and creating worlds where people can find more freedom to be themselves seems to be a recurring theme. I also like the humor that comes through in all my books. My stories can have a serious theme, like a person trying to reclaim his soul and find happiness, but there’s always a lighter side that’s there too.

Is there a book or author that inspired you to be a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but I can’t say that any one writer inspired me to take up the pen. The decision to write stories seemed to come from some deep, inner desire.

What can readers expect when they read your latest release TAINTED BLOOD?

TAINTED BLOOD is a love story! However, the road to true love can be a tough one, especially when a person doesn’t value themselves enough. For example, when Arel meets the beautiful, dedicated Claire, he thinks she’s the perfect woman. He’s ready to do or be whatever she wants in order to measure up to her demands. It’s a trap that anyone can fall into when they’re starry-eyed and inexperienced. The trick for Arel is to move forward and trust himself even though he’s made many bad decisions in the past.

Another character, William, is a guy who’s totally confident, but he’s lacking in another area. He finds it almost impossible to take a chance on his “sensitive” side and being vulnerable and open-hearted in his marriage to an ex-angel.

And then there’s Elise. Bitter and argumentative, she’s someone who has sworn off men and who is determined to live out a singular existence. Her problem is that she falls for Arel, a neighbor who’s engaged to be married. As she tries to navigate the ways of the heart, she has to find a way out of her bitterness and embrace life again, with or without the man of her dreams.

Where can they buy a copy?

TAINTED BLOOD is available on Amazon as an eBook (the paperback is coming soon). You can read it free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Are you releasing a new book anytime soon?

I haven’t made any official announcements yet, but I am planning on releasing a romance/love story very soon. The series is called Open Wide Your Heart, and the first book’s title is TRACES OF HOME. I’ve really enjoyed writing this story, and I think my readers will enjoy it too.

What do you love about being an author?

I love my characters and watching them grow and transform as the story enfolds. I also love when readers tell me that they have enjoyed my books. Some have said that my stories helped them have the courage to carry on during difficult times. What a blessing it is to know that I’ve helped someone! For me, it doesn’t get any better than that!

What is your message to readers and fellow authors?

Find ways to enjoy the moment! Have more fun with what you read or write! Being a happier person is good for your health and allows for more inspiration to flow in. And putting the worries aside, even for short periods of time, helps your creative side to begin to take root and flourish. One of my favorite sayings is “lighten up.” I often use that expression if I’m taking myself too seriously again.

Thank you so much for sharing your time with us.

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