FEATURED AUTHOR: Kristy Jo Volchko and her latest release, Mall Hair Maladies

Our Featured Author is a multi-published writer of YA novels and Children's Books.
Meet Kristy Jo Volchko.

Tell us something about the woman, Kristy Jo Volchko. Who are you? 

The simplest way to describe myself would be a ‘practical mystic’. I’ve always lived with one foot in the cosmos and the other on the ground. The metaphysical and spiritual sciences are just as important to me as practical matters and it took me years to find a balance. I’m action oriented, extremely playful (love, love, love to laugh), and a born explorer of all that is seen and unseen. 

And who's the writer? How was Mall Hair Maladies conceived? 

I absolutely love ‘80s pop culture. As a teen, I had the wildly teased, overly sprayed hair (mall hair), which is where I got the title. The series is dedicated to every ‘80s kid and the last generation to understand the frustration of a busy signal, waiting for snail mail, not having the convenience of cell phones, internet, DVDs, and a million other things. 

Around my house, vintage vinyl is my preferred cleaning music, ‘80s board games are played fairly often. In the colder months, ‘80s movie marathons are a weekend norm, and I’ve been known to torture my husband with random cheerleading routines I thought I’d long forgotten. Music, movies, games, fashion . . . it was such a fun decade to grow up in and very much a part of who I am today. How can I not write this series? Of course, I write a watered down, PG version knowing that young readers are easily influenced. We were beyond wild. 

Why did you choose to write books for Young Adults and Children? 

I’m a bit of a woman-child in some ways and will never grow tired of silly songs, games, and giggles. There will always be a need for new and positive stories that guide and uplift young readers. I have written stories in many different genres and there was a time when I was concerned about releasing thrillers, family saga, and occult fantasy under my real name, but I’ve let that go.

Is there a book or author that inspired you to be a writer? 

Judy Blume was one of my favorite childhood authors but I grew up reading anything I could get my hands on. Doodling poetry, jingles, love letters, and stories was just something I’d always done.

What can readers expect when they read Mall Hair Maladies? 

Readers will get a good dose of laughter and ‘80s nostalgia. Even if they didn’t grow up in that decade, maybe their parents did. A lot of people can relate to being the new kid, certain rites of passage, and wishing for or having that best friend and partner in crime that brings out your crazy-silly side. And who hasn’t accidentally waxed off an eyebrow or convinced themselves their grandmother was rabid?

Where can they buy a copy? 

Are you releasing a new book anytime soon? 

Yes, the sequel to Mall Hair Maladies will be out sometime in 2019. I’m also releasing a YA fantasy in December.

What do you love about being an author? 

The magic of creating. I love having the freedom to explore and channel my creative energies in whatever direction I please. 

What is your message to readers? 

No matter who you are or where you come from, reading will grow, inspire, and ultimately free you. Never stop reading.

Thank you for letting us get to know you better, Kristy!

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