FEATURED BOOK: The Dead Wake Anthology by Ellie Douglas - 10 Utterly Gruesome Tales of Zombie Horror

If you want to read 10 utterly gruesome tales that will disable you...
Read The Dead Wake Anthology by horror writer, Ellie Douglas.

The Dead Wake Anthology by Ellie Douglas

You won’t know what hit you.
You will, from this day forward, sleep with one eye open.
You will Insist that all the lights stay on...always.
You will begin a ritual; checking under your bed, inside the closet and double checking your windows.
Throw into this the sick and twisted and the utterly crazy humor... and your stomach will explode.
With some erotica, you’ll be hot and sweaty and wont know which way to run...
You’ll be scared for life... in the best possible way.


"Before her book, I had never even considered zombies in outer space, but she pulls of that story brilliantly, and even baby zombies ("No more coochy choochy coo"), which is hilarious–that just had to be the intention of the author. And, for adults, there is the tale of a horde of prostitute zombies ("Playhood"), which reminded me of reading those horror comics back in the 1980s since it features the devil. The stories are short and have terrifying realities contained in each. It was a joy to read."

- Amazon Review

"This absolutely shocking actioner from horror writer Ellie Douglas is 10 tales of probably the most interesting aspect of any zombie literature... This is a stunning wild ride for the horror fan. I make a warning, just as the author does in the foreword, this book has language and over the top sexual depictions."

- Amazon Review

"Great shorts that any horror fan would love, each story is unique and fantastic!"

- Amazon Review