FEATURED BOOK: The Dispensable Wife (The MisFit Book 5) by AB Plum

Our featured book is Book 5 of The Misfits Book series, The Dispensable Wife - a STANDALONE Crime Fiction novel by author AB PLUM.


Look at the recently toppled powerbrokers in Hollywood, Washington, and Silicon Valley. Eyes somewhere saw their stupidity. From eyes to mouth to headlines.

When iconic Silicon Valley CEO Michael Romanov discovers his cheating wife flirting in public with an obvious loser, he tears her apart. But he slices and dices her with such civility none of the coffee drinkers notice. They’re too in awe of the legend’s presence.

One busybody, though, picks up immediately on his controlled fury. Sly as a fox, she begins to share her observations of his wife’s past trysts. She can’t believe that the “older gentleman” so often with AnnaSophia isn’t her husband.

The more the witness divulges, the more she proclaims her discretion. Ready to explode, Michael sets a trap she walks into. That trap will render her permanently discreet.

Three children. An ailing father. No work history for the past fifteen years. No friends. No money. Despair keeps AnnaSophia shackled to a charismatic wolf in designer clothing. She has no hope to escape his hold. In a divorce, he’ll take the kids and let her father die. Every day, she lives in dread of igniting Michael’s short fuse. When he shows up at the coffee shop, she fears for her yoga instructor’s life as well as for her own.

His revenge is surprisingly mild. Then, she learns of the murder of the girl in the coffee shop . 


"The Dispensable Wife is one of the most intriguing books I have read in a long time. It sucks you in without you realizing it until you understand how multilayered AnnaSophia is. A highly recommended read."    

~  Desiree Holt, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Brilliant writing from a thoroughgoing professional. She just gets better as the pages turn." 

~ Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame  Top 500 Reviewer

"Characters are strong. Good dialogues, funny interactions, and a good arc. The story is more complex than what it seems in the beginning. The author really does an excellent job in this book and I will read the rest of the series."

~ Amazon Review

I love the twist in the end!

"The Dispensable Wife will keep you on your toes as you read about a psychopath that bullies those around him. And if they don’t conform, Michael just kills them. His wife has lived with his strict rules and routine for fifteen years, but his cruel gift disgusts her enough to seek justice for the fear he has put her and the children in for years."

~ Amazon Review


"It is delightfully disturbing to enjoy alternating between sympathetic pity and horrified glee, as I found myself doing as I read about Michael the adult psychopath. A terrific book."

~Amazon Review


Setting as Character

Silicon Valley isn't really a geographic place. It's more a state of mind. Maybe mindset describes better the kinetic energy that drives so many brilliant minds. Work places here can be very heady places. I open the curtain a bit on Michael Romanov's fictional company--founded by him and run by him. He is the king of his fiefdom.

Taking fictional license

Many of the specific places I use in The Dispensable Wife exist:
  • Castro Street in Mountain View
  • Stanford Campus in Palo Alto
  • Shoreline Park in Mountain View 

Many places are figments of my imagination:
  • Michael's apartment on Moffett Field
  • His home in the Los Altos Hill/Palo Alto Hills
  • His company--in the "shadow of Google," which, of course, does exist

In some instances, I blended streets and neighborhoods, so you won't find them on a map. My aim was to build interest in the setting. Silicon Valley is the only logical place, IMO, where this highly charged story could take place.