Our featured book, Count the Roses is a fun, feisty, sweet and clean Romance by Jackie Weger.
4.4 stars out of 60 reviews on Amazon.


Betrayed and jilted, Jennifer Dewitt finds solace in New Orleans--that humid, high-stepping city of music and magic on the Mississippi River. A new job. New experiences. Men and marriage are not on her radar. 

Adrien Merrill's divorce leaves him bitter and jaded. In Cajun custom, pride rules. Yet Adrien aches for a woman to fill his days with laughter, his nights with passion, and his house with children. He sets his sights on Jennifer and runs right into stubborn, smart and independent. He soon discovers the line between pride and love is as whisper thin as a fine silk thread.


"The author's descriptions of the bayou and New Orleans are fantastic. I loved the characters. They felt real, like people I would like to know.  This really is an unforgettable story...beautiful writing." 
~ djfaz

"I laughed, cried, and enjoyed every minute of this read.This is the kind of book that lives with you long after you finished reading. Five stars all the way." 

~ az reader

"Definitely not your average cookie cutter romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have already downloaded another of her books."

"Wonderful story. I've always enjoyed Cajun romance novels. This is a good read, funny as well. I look forward to reading more by this author."

Author's Note:

The landscape in Count the Roses has always been a part of my life. Growing up, my family's stomping grounds ranged from St. Charles on the Gulf Coast to the then, tiny fish camps on into Florida along Hwy 98. I once spent part of a winter trapping with Cajun folk. They taught me how to skin any four-legged creature without drawing a drop of blood; how to set traps and how to 'measure' safe footing in wetlands. If you have ever crossed the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge on I-10, you have driven over some of the finest swamp in Louisiana. West of New Orleans is Cajun Country. It is an utterly magical land. Dusty back roads will take you to dead ends where a hand-painted sign might offer swamp tours by a local, or you might stumble upon a rough-sided, family owned cafe serving spicy boiled crawfish and the coldest beer on earth. Driving or biking on a levee you might come across a small cantina putting out happy fiddling zydeco music that will keep you smiling for days. Cajun culture is a closed society, yet the people are friendly and family honor is everything. New Orleans is grand and I love it, but backwater bayou country is where the real living gets done. Do visit.