In a society of Amazon warriors, Pyrena dares the impossible… 

She falls in love.

Greek legends call them Amazons, but Pyrena and her sisters are not merely warrior women. Wise mistresses of their forest home, they share everything: friends, war, work, meals…and captive men. Love has no place in their community; the men they keep are strictly for pleasure. It seems idyllic, yet Pyrena can’t help feeling there is something missing in her world.

Astrastos marches into battle with one intention: to claim a fiery Amazon for his bed. When he is captured instead, he discovers more than he ever imagined. As they share erotic delights and passionate conversations, he realizes Pyrena is the woman he wants for life.

As they fall inevitably, unstoppably in love, the pressures of captivity grow stronger. Without freedom they cannot truly be together, but how can Pyrena stand alone against everything she has ever known? She must find a way to reconcile her society with her love….or abandon them both.

“An Amazon’s Equal” is an erotic New Adult romance, set in a historical fantasy world where women rule, love is impossible, and a Goddess’ blessing may also be a curse.

A steamy, standalone M/M novel, with no cliffhangers and a HEA ending.

Cody Madrid wasn’t born into privilege. He grew up in a trailer park and suffered a childhood from hell. The gritty start to life didn’t break him. It fired his determination to make something of himself. With discipline, hard work, and some unexpected luck, he founded Starwest Industries and built it into a multimillion-dollar empire. 

Ben Jackson grew up in a loving family, enjoyed a picture-perfect childhood, and aspires to become a fine artist. He’s vacationing in Greece when he literally falls at Cody’s feet. Their meeting is electric, but forestalled when Ben receives tragic news from home. As a result, he puts his artistic ambitions on hold, and looks for a full-time job to help support his family.

When Ben is hired by Starwest Industries, he has no idea that Cody Madrid owns the company. Their professional relationship means Ben will be working closely with the most compelling man he’s ever met.

Though Cody is still closeted, he finds himself falling hard and fast for the blond, blue-eyed Ben. But Cody has issues to work on, and someone has a hold on Ben. He’s been trapped into living a lie that could ruin any chance of a future with Cody.

The Dream Dominant Collection

Strong-willed ginger Bella Grant is a take-charge television journalist with an appetite for adventure. Handsome and sexy Luke McGillicutty is a world-weary photographer coaxed out of premature retirement with the promise of traveling the world with a smart, spunky redhead. They've been paired up to create a new brand of television travel program. 

Traveling to romantic destinations, staying in first-class hotels, finding adventure at every turn, it's not surprising that the two fall in love. Luke is stunned to realize that Bella is the woman he's looked for his whole life. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and courageous. 

The only thing is, Luke hasn't been completely up front with her. He hasn't told her that he's into BDSM. He could play it safe, keep the relationship going exactly the way it is. But Luke wants more. As a Dominant, he craves the intimacy that a Dom/sub relationship provides. And he knows without a doubt that Bella is the perfect submissive. How will she react if he approaches her about submitting to him as a Dominant? Maybe she'd be intrigued by the idea. On the other hand, he could lose her forever.

Life on the road working with Bella is great. Nights spent in Bella's arms are amazing. Should Luke just be satisfied with the way things are? Or should he risk everything on the chance that they could have it all?

OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery by PATIENT LEE
Five erotic stories of different stages of self-discovery. 

From a confused teen dressing in a prom gown to grown-up straight guys discovering pleasure with another man. Gay men finding forbidden love in a punishing setting to mature men in a long-term relationship, Patient Lee’s characters represent a range of homosexual experiences. Follow the journey from the first time a young man questions his sexuality to men living a lifetime with the men they love. 

Erotic Stories of The Ancient World

When her body shudders in orgasm, an ancient seer’s third eye opens to the future. Trumpets blaring, the Queen of Sheba invades King Solomon’s court with sensuality and beauty. A woman falls deeply in love with her co-wife, and together their passion births a legendary city. In ancient Tibet, a bride weds seven brothers, then sexually dominates them one by one. A virgin queen claims her place – and her sexuality – with an erotic game among the hanging gardens of Babylon. They are the Ancients. And these are their stories.

Seven remarkable women are revealed in this collection of erotic tales. Spanning the breadth of the ancient world – from the Sahara to the Himalayas – these tales of sexual discovery offer a glimpse into ancient women’s lives and passions. Inspired by true historical mysteries, with riveting characters, explosive sensuality, compelling settings, and stories swinging from romantic to purely erotic, Flowers for the Ancients combines history, sex, and romance, bringing these long-lost women back to life.